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The First Presidential Debate

September 30, 2020

Donald Trump calls himself the law and order president while he respected no order at the first president debate. We would not let our kindergarten students act as he did. He simply could not shut up when it is not his turn. He was a disgrace to this country to the world, and they were watching.

If anyone thinks this was acceptable behavior I don’t even know what to say. I personally think Joe Biden should cancel the rest of the debates. You can not have a debate when your opponent can’t shut up with his constant lies.

They both had agreed to this format and that they would get a chance to two minutes without interruptions. So much for the law and order president who breaks rules in front of the country and lies to their faces. Watching the Trump meltdown live on camera was hard to watch.

To the world watching this, the majority of Americans did not vote for this asshole. I just want to make this clear. The majority of Americans did not support Donald Trump. This was a failure of our democracy. This was a civil war era system placing Trump above the will of the people.



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