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Blowing Up Democracy And The SCOTUS

October 27, 2020

This country and our Supreme Court lost its objectivity when one party leader, Mitch McConnell, threw away the process of nominating SCOTUS judges in a balanced way. All Three of this presidents nominations for the Supreme Court were passed by a simple majority giving the entire process over to the party that holds the Senate majority. There is no longer any resemblance of bi-partisanship and it is unlikely that will return.

Mitch McConnell has destroyed the nomination process and should pay politically for this travesty of American justice. What happens now is anyone’s guess. The conservatives now have overran the court and can instill anything they want on the American people. There is not anything anyone can do about it unless there are sweeping changes to the Supreme Court itself.

If we can balance the courts we can look for ways to make the nomination bi-partisan again. The senate should never be allowed to do anything with a simple majority but its too late now. This body is broken now. The cat is already out of the bag. And the person who broke the senate is Mitch McConnell with Trump cheering his on. The “nuclear option” destroyed the Senate and the Supreme Court in one fatal blast. Democracy took a fatal wound that day .

McConnell is completely full of shit in the previous video. Americans never gave the senate the power to push through a justice by a simple majority vote.

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