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Accountable To No One

November 7, 2020

Politicians should not be allowed to lie to the people they work for. This should be grounds for dismissal. This is not a case of free speech because they are not acting as private citizens. They are employees of the people.

No one has ever brought this home more than Donald Trump. He seems completely incapable of telling the truth. He has told more lies than any politician in history. He would have you believe that he cured the pandemic as people die all over the country. And he is suppose to be working for us?

So did he get his job under false pretenses? Did he lie on his application to the people? It is not a matter of proving all the lies as he has told lies about what we have seen with our own eyes. And then he sends out other people to lie about his lies.

We the people need to be more demanding of the people we pay handsomely to work for us. To rule over us… We elevate these people to a position of power that is far above our own to enforce basic standards of decency. They are totally unaccountable while we pay their salaries. Do you really think this is the system our founding fathers meant to create?

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