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The End Of A Four Year Nightmare.

November 8, 2020

Four years ago the prospect of this country moving forward with our first woman president was yanked from our grasp. To make it even worst it was done by a hateful person with no respect for woman. A person who had cheated on all four of his wife’s and paid off porn stars to keep quiet so they didn’t hurt his election chances.

Donald Trump moved into White House and immediately went about tearing down all of the advances our society had accomplished. He even attacked known science like climate change and ordered government agencies to remove mention of it on their websites. I have always been a person of science and viewed his actions of an affront on science and reality.

He also brought in the least diverse executive branch I had ever seen that was lacking people of color and women. You could easily see he had no respect for women and would childishly put them down, make up adolescent nicknames and brag about sexual misconduct. None of this was a secret, he would even do it on tape or on camera.

And saying he lied was a understatement of biblical proportions. He lied about everything. He even lied about things he himself had said on camera previously. Donald Trump is possibly the most despicable person I have ever known and this was now the leader of our country.

He fanned the flames of hate and created the most divided country I have ever seen in my lifetime. He egged on Mitch McConnell to destroy the very foundation of the senate with simple majority rule. Bi partisanship was now out the window and they basically did anything they wanted and would not hold Donald Trump accountable for any “witch hunts”.

But I get ahead of myself, it was obvious the type of person Donald Trump was before he was elected. We really didn’t need to see all the ways he would subvert democracy and that was the icing on the cake to come. I had never really known a narcissistic person before and now one was to lead our country.

I am the greatest person… the richest person… The least racist person there ever was.. The greatest negotiator. I did more for blacks than anyone including maybe Abraham Lincoln. I am very rich, but no, you can not see my tax returns. How could people listen to this bullshit and still support him? This was not a game show, it was our country.

Was it mass hypnosis? Entertainment to tear down our country and its people? Had everyone not known a bullshitting asshole in their lifetime and not see this was one? Did the country go stupid? I swear there is this deep down feeling that I do not even want to know people who followed this asshole. That is how repulsive I found Donald Trump.

Four years ago I know I had to oppose Donald Trump and had to expose his lies. Expose his attacks on the media, a foundation of our democracy. He was an authoritarian who wanted to destroy our democracy with absolute and corrupt unbridled power. I do not even want to think about the people who supported this. Supported him firing anyone who did not kiss his ass sufficiently.

And the people supporting him foolishly thought it was in their own best interests. Like he was a great defender of the people. They had absolutely no clue how he felt he was superior to them in every way. Every chance he ran off to one of his exclusive golf clubs and surrounded himself with millionaires and billionaires who paid him $200,000 a year to be members of his club. Most of his adoring fans never made that much money to survive yet along spend on golf memberships.

So I spent four years waking up every single day to update a progressive website to expose everything I could find. Updating the latest new stories and to expose the next horrible thing Trump did. It was unending because Trump was constantly stirring a pot of hate, corruption, and misinformation.

Saturday I breathed a sigh of relief as Donald Trump was defeated. Him and all his billionaire ass kissers will be cleaned out of the White House including his kids who were elevated to positions of power solely based on the silver spoons they were born with in their mouths. Like their father who never really needed to work a day in their life except for running sham businesses and charities.

And I am feeling like my work is done now. That I no longer feel a need to update a website to fight the evil that had taken our nation. Sure, there is still more to be done but nothing that was as destructive as Donald Trump to the very core of our nation. A great weight is now removed and at least our country has a chance. And there is also a woman who will be seated along side to keep an eye and take over if needed. This is now the greatest sea change I have seen in my lifetime. So much better than the last one.

PS: I do not feel that Donald Trump will be successful in any more of his bullshit. He has been defeated resoundingly and all he has left is just hot air. When everyone started censoring him and his lies, it was over. The only power he ever had was his bullshit and now good people have stopped listening to it.

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