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As we look back at the election of 2016 you can’t help but question how this happened? All the popular media predicted Hillary was way ahead and we didn’t have anything to worry about. Here in Washington State we vote early by mail and I voted over two weeks before the election. Perhaps we take for granted how the rest of the country votes. How the rest of the country feels.

Hillary was not perfect but she was much better after Bernie brought her more to the people’s side. In the end she had adopted 70% of his platform but I do not think that message was widely known or believed. Democrats have not done a good job coming through for the people. It has been hypocritical on many issues and except for some social issues, Obama could have been a Republican.

Trump @ Fox Debate

Hillary was running against someone who could never win because he is so flawed. Up till two weeks before the election when they obviously took away his cell phone, he had been saying one stupid thing after another.  I don’t have to outline them for you here as you saw them the same as I did! They actually came out of his mouth you heard them. You can watch the replay farther down this page!

And as expected, when all the votes were counted she won by over 2.6 million and still growing votes!

But wait, we live in the only “democracy” on the planet where the loser wins sometimes. This outdated electorate system needs to go. In this election over 2.6 million people’s vote did not count. Even Donald Trump once said the Electorate System is a disaster for a democracy. I would go one step farther and say we life in something much more corrupt than a democracy. When the founding fathers created the electorate there was no mass media, not even the telegraph. While it is arguable the Electorate was needed back then, it perverts our country from being a democracy.

Could this country be any more dangerous to life on this planet?

Despite the popular vote and talk of tampering, our president elect thinks he has a mandate. He is under the delusion that he had a big overwhelming win. Like everyone who thinks they have a mandate, there is a total disregard for the other people, majority of the country in this case, who have different values. We have been here before and the overreach will be disgusting for half the country. Working together for the betterment of the people in this country starts with our government and you need to make this clear to them. When one party runs the entire country its a disaster.

Mcconnell and Trump
He was never an outsider, he was always part of the swamp.

I fear all the progressive advances made over many years are in jeopardy. And Progressive ideas are not Democratic or Republican ideas, this is not a one party platform. Truthfully I am starting to doubt either party are really working for the people of this country. The fact is 70% of people believe in progressive ideas.

They want a job with fair pay so they can support their families. They want to be able to give their children the best opportunities and education. They want to have healthcare if they get sick. They do not feel all the wealth in this country should flow to the very rich. They want the corruption out of government. And they want both parties in the country to work together for the greater good of the people, not just Wall Street and Corporations.

But instead all we get is massive division. We get both parties that try to pit people against each other. Civil rights, LGBT rights, Abortion issues, you name it, all major distractions. They make hate the issue while they destroy the real fabric of this country. We live in a country where ALL people have the right of the pursuit of happiness. It gets no clearer than that so stop already with the divisive issues and hate!

I am a big hero and so awesome, just don’t look closely at the details and crony corporatism.

The GOP is going to own everything that happens to this country and midterms are just two short years away. Like what happened with Obama, it will swing the other way again and you will think this is the way of politics while we still bomb other countries, the rich get richer, and the average family and middle class will still be in decline. It happened with Obama and it will happen with Trump because our government is the 1% and in many instances the .1%.

But looking for answers to the problems of this country goes beyond Republicans and Democrats and it is going to have to be the people who take back this country. So many people look on in helplessness and don’t even bother to vote and I can totally understand that. Bernie Sanders did fire up millions of people and he was the only honest candidate. He was also the only candidate that was not part of the 1% and both parties were out to get him for that.

Updated 12-2-16 Clinton:65,259,681 (48.1%) Trump:62,692,056 (46.2%)
Hillary wins the election by over two million votes. (Its up to 2.6 million and growing since this.)

I could go on and on with my evaluation of the current political situation and I likely will as we go along. I will say this, making America great again is not going backwards, it is going forward. We can not reverse history and what worked in the past does not work today. We also can not look at the current political party in charge as the only party who have not worked for the benefit of the people, they are both guilty.

War only helps the military industry and bomb makers, and it is hard to find anyone alive that we have really helped in the last sixteen years of war in the Middle East. We need to stop killing people. Be vocal about wars. Be vocal about issues that hurt the people of this country, all the people pursuing live, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. What another person may do does not involve you, so stop letting politicians make division. If we all work together we can make this country better for everyone.

Billie Marie Matteo
Progressive Ways