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Much as I am sure you felt, the 2016 election is a call to action. My best friend and I looked at each other and knew we had to do something. I set off to create a website and secured what I think are good URLs. We are relatively new and starting to have a following, which tells me this is a worthwhile action.

We are Bernie supporters and read Bernie’s book “Our Revolution”. Also we take inspiration from other sources such as Indivisible and their excellent guide. We are excited to be a grassroots organization and will do what we can to help the movement. My skills are in web design and I am a political junkie.

Progressive Ways will post anything that we feel will help the movement so feel free to send me any item you feel worthwhile. As we get closer to 2018 we will plan bigger and better things.

One last thing, this project is completely self funded and we have never solicited donations from anyone. As we get closer to the elections and want to try to do bigger and better things, that may change. So far the costs of this website have been manageable.

Thanks for your interest!

Progressive Ways
Billie Marie Matteo

Seattle, Wa