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I am not a religious person in that I do not believe in the supernatural. I feel it is up to us, society, to make a better world and a better place to live. I believe that any person with intelligence who lives on this planet for a reasonable amount of time will develop a sense of what is truly right and fair. I believe that progressive values are the results of those travels.

I am not the one percent but they are not my enemy. I do feel they are the result of society as a whole and therefor they should be open to give back to the people who made them what they are. They will still be the one percent but others will value them being so and the world will be a better place.

I have watched all my life how the country has become a better place for all in the ways of equality and fairness. Yes it has not reached utopia but at least it was going in the right direction. When one candidate suggested; “Make America Great Again”, to me that could only mean moving backwards. Make America great for who?

I felt it was a call to white nationalists to place the blame of the economy on everyone except the people who caused the real problems. If you look closely at the economy it is only hurting the people at the middle and bottom, but the people at the top are doing just great with record profits. A billionaire convinced people to vote for him on the premise that he was going to help them but I have seen just the opposite of that.

I do not know how people believed a rich billionaire was going to relate to them in any way. He has always profited on them and taken advantage of them and he sold them a bill of goods and now we are all stuck with him. He immediately set up a government that will only benefit the rich which was completely true to his form.

Today he profits from being president by channeling US taxpayer funds to his own hotels and golf courses. He has blatantly even advertised his daughters business on the public stage. His plan to fix healthcare was a huge tax cut to the rich which he would have directly benefited from. I am personally appalled and disgusted by his actions.

I focus so much on Donald Trump because he is the exact opposite of progressive movement. I do not have to be a socialist to feel that all hard earned profits should go to the very top and not benefit society and the people that created them. No one every became part of the one percent completely on their own, it took people buying their products and the infrastructure of this country to make them so.

For decades the wealth gap in this country has been widening. It is no secret how we got to this place. Elvis Presley once said that he was proud to have reached the fifty percent tax bracket. He was incredibly wealthy and it was not a problem for him to give back so much to society. I remember he even gave back in other ways like a bowling alley at Ft Hood.

This was of course before the rich wanted tax cuts and the wealth gap exploded. This was before the rich were honored to give back to the people who made them rich in the first place. Our country is in a downward spiral and I am sorry to tell you it is not because of immigrants or high corporate taxes. It is because the rich now own this country and do not care how much people bleed.

I have never seen such homelessness and poverty in my life. I have never seen so many people give up on life for opiates. Our country is turning into a third world nation and our government does not care or act for the people’s benefit. This has to change!

The 2016 election is a call to action. I set off to create a website and secured what I feel are good resources for our people. Everyone else also needs to do their parts. Not all our politicians are greedy and working for their own benefits, some actually went into this to help. But I have to say that I see very little of this in the GOP.

I have help from others and we are Bernie supporters and read Bernie’s book “Our Revolution”. Also we take inspiration from other sources such as Indivisible and their excellent guide. We are excited to be a grassroots organization and will do what we can to help the movement. My skills are in web design and I am a political junkie.

Progressive Ways will post anything that we feel will help the movement so feel free to send me any item you feel worthwhile. As we get closer to 2018 we will plan bigger and better things.

One last thing, this project is completely self funded and we have never solicited donations from anyone. As we get closer to the elections and want to try to do bigger and better things, that may change. So far the costs of this website have been manageable.

Thank you for your interest!

Billie Marie Matteo
Progressive Ways Founder

Seattle, Wa