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The End Of A Four Year Nightmare.

November 8, 2020

Four years ago the prospect of this country moving forward with our first woman president was yanked from our grasp. To make it even worst it was done by a hateful person with no respect for woman. A person who had cheated on all four of his wife’s and paid off porn stars to keep quiet so they didn’t hurt his election chances.

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Accountable To No One

November 7, 2020

Politicians should not be allowed to lie to the people they work for. This should be grounds for dismissal. This is not a case of free speech because they are not acting as private citizens. They are employees of the people.

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Blowing Up Democracy And The SCOTUS

October 27, 2020

This country and our Supreme Court lost its objectivity when one party leader, Mitch McConnell, threw away the process of nominating SCOTUS judges in a balanced way. All Three of this presidents nominations for the Supreme Court were passed by a simple majority giving the entire process over to the party that holds the Senate majority. There is no longer any resemblance of bi-partisanship and it is unlikely that will return.

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Amy Coney Barrett

October 21, 2020

I have not been watching the Amy Coney Barrett hearings because they do not mean anything. It is not like there will be a meaningful vote. Her record means nothing and listening to her means nothing. The people do not have a voice here and the GOP are hypocritical liars.

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The First Presidential Debate

September 30, 2020

Donald Trump calls himself the law and order president while he respected no order at the first president debate. We would not let our kindergarten students act as he did. He simply could not shut up when it is not his turn. He was a disgrace to this country to the world, and they were watching.

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GOP To Steal Another SCOTUS Justice

September 25, 2020

The death of Ruth Badar Ginsburg leaves us once again in a constitutional crisis. We are here today because in April 2017, Senate Republicans led by Mitch McConnell extended the “nuclear option” to Supreme Court nominations in order to end debate on the nomination of Neil Gorsuch. Since then there is no longer a 60 vote requirement on Supreme Court nominees.

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The Post Office & Mail In Ballots

August 15, 2020

I don’t know, maybe they just don’t know Trump as well as someone on the east coast. Maybe they just never heard him enough on Howard Stern through the years to know he is a bullshitting asshole? Maybe they don’t care he has cheated on all three of his wifes. How he paid off porn stars for their silence on his infidelities. Colludes with foreign interests to cheat. Goes after our own US Postal Service. How can people not see the despicable piece of shit that he is?

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The Amazon Monopoly

July 16, 2020

Amazon has a monopoly in this country. If you are receiving food assistance, (EBT), they are the only ones you can use EBT while on-line shopping that I know of. While Walmart may offer a better deal on grocery items, you can not use your EBT there for delivery.

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Filing For Unemployment

March 17, 2020

State Employment Security Dept. website explains the new normal of filing for unemployment benefits

If you or someone you know is laid off or loses income because of everything that’s going on the state says it’s important to file a claim for unemployment benefits.

There’s no slam-dunk that you’ll get approved, but new emergency rules might relieve some of the burden.

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Trump Knew He Would Face Biden

March 11, 2020

Consider how Trump knew he would be facing the corporate democrat Joe Biden a year before you thought your vote mattered. The person who will win the presidency is the person who will protect profits of the 1%.

There is no democracy in the presidential race. You don’t pick anything or vote for anyone. Even some elite loser sometimes takes the White House for the ultimate fuck you. You have seen this before, believe what you see for a change.

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