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Your Weekly Indivisible Actions

Saturday was the 4-month anniversary of Trump’s inauguration, and not a single significant piece of legislation has been signed into law. Now don’t get us wrong, Trump is doing as much damage as he possibly can using the tools he has, but your work pressuring Congress is undeniably getting results. Every day we deprive him of a legislative win is a day we protect people from additional harm.

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Indivisible | A Rough Week

Let’s not sugarcoat it: this was a rough week, and Trump is every bit the threat to our democracy we worried he could be.

But thanks to your efforts, the resistance is strong and getting results. You made the special counsel happen. What will you do next?

We’ve got another recess around the corner, so now’s the time to keep up the pressure.

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Facebook Live | Wednesday, May 17, 7:00pm ET

You’ve accomplished a ton in the first 100+ days of Trump’s administration! But how do you keep up the momentum for the long stretch ahead? Join us for a Facebook Live event with some amazing experts who have spent their careers studying civic engagement in our country. They’ll take your questions and discuss what we can learn from the Tea Party and other civic movements so we can build the strongest movement possible.

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Immigration Reform | Excellent Video!

I am reaching out today because of your involvement in the Indivisible movement; advocating and fighting for our rights on a local and national level with Progressive Ways .The passion and dedication is invigorating. One critical issue facing us all right now is immigration reform. Perhaps Progressive Ways in Lea Hill,WA and others within your network may find inspiration in, an important and timely film about the fight to reunite families separated by deportation.

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Indivisible | May 13, 2017

From Virginia to California, you’ve been making the most of Payback Recess at town halls and die-ins across the country to hold the House accountable for the shameful vote to pass TrumpCare—and we’re pretty confident the Senate has taken notice too and will think twice before passing this appalling legislation.

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Virtual Rally to Save Healthcare | Kirkland Kenmore

Indivisible Kirkland Kenmore is working on a healthcare-related project, and we would love your input and your help. We are creating a Virtual Rally to Save Healthcare – an online space where people from all of Washington can submit their healthcare stories and comments. We will then compile a substantial collection and hand-deliver it to our elected officials, starting with Senators Murray and Cantwell. We want this collection to be overwhelming, but also personal. Our goal is to combine the power of a huge group of people turning out to support a cause, with the emotion of a personal and heartfelt story.

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