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Indivisible | #StopKavanaugh

Now, there’s no excuse for inaction. We know that Brett Kavanaugh does not believe a sitting president can be indicted, or should even be investigated. It’s clear that Trump engaged in criminal activity during the campaign, and he chose Kavanaugh in order to shield himself from accountability when the Supreme Court inevitably weighs in on Trump’s crimes and corruption.

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Indivisible | Find A Rally Near You

Grassroots immigration groups like RAICES, United We Dream, Women’s Refugee Commission, and so many more have been showing up day after day to demand the end of family detention and to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It’s time to show up in every possible way we can to support their crucial work and fight for families everywhere.

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Exciting electoral update | From Indivisible

Indivisible groups in every corner of this country (no, really. You’re e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e.) are building momentum and building power. Registering voters. Endorsing candidates. Running for office– and winning. We won’t stop until we’ve built a blue wave big enough to crash the Trump agenda for the rest of this administration. You’re off to a phenomenal start and we know you’re ready for even more.

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Vote Your Endorsements | Indivisible

Thanks to all the Indivisible groups that submitted a candidate for a national endorsement during our first round! This national endorsement process is being driven and voted on by your groups. To ensure that, we need as many eligible group members as possible involved in every step of the process. That includes voting!

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Indivisible | The New Year

Congress gets back to work this week and they already have a full plate. The good news? Democrats Doug Jones and Tina Smith were sworn into the Senate last week (seeing D-Alabama is really cool, right?), which means we now only need to peel off two Republicans to stop more of the Trump agenda. A single vote could make all the difference in upcoming fights!

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