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More coming out on the Trump-russia connections that we all know are very REAL. My faxes to Murray, Cantwell and CMR now plead with them to halt government business until investigations are complete. If this administration if found to be illegitimate, then all actions, bills, confirmations since the coronation will be deemed to be non-binding.

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Seattle Indivisible This Week

Our current Attorney General has had repeated dealings with the Russian government—despite his denials—since before Trump ever took office. He may have just recused himself from Justice Department investigations into Russian influence, but the matter is still far from settled. Let’s make sure our Members of Congress know that mere calls for “clarity” or “disclosure” just won’t do—Sessions must resign.

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Indivisible Group | Indivisible Valley

This is from Sara Tharrington: Thank you for reaching out! Our Indivisible group, Indivisible Valley (it might be Sisters Indivisible on the site) covers Duvall, Monroe, and Carnation 1st congressional district. We have a large group already and some very active members. We are fortunate to have reps that better align and support our goals. […]

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Womxn’s March Seattle

Saturday January 21st at 10:00AM There will be a march in Seattle on Saturday January 21st at 10:00AM. The press release for this march is HERE. The Womxn’s March Website for this event is here and contains details on the event. Start Location: Judkins Park 2150 S Norman St, Seattle, 98144 10:00 Start time – […]

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