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Indivisible | VOTE!

If you haven’t voted yet, GO VOTE! Stop right here. Go vote. Right now. Or make a plan to vote before polls close. You can come back to the rest of this email later. You can find your polling place by texting MYVOTE to the phone number 977-79 and we’ll send you your polling place information.

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The Schrier – Rossi Debate

The Schrier and Rossi debate was last night. Early in Rossi admits he does not support a Women’s right to choose. Why is that not surprising from a typical GOP male…

Roe vs Wade and a woman’s right to choose is supported by the majority of Americans and Washington residents. If Rossi can’t support the majority of Washington residents why would we think he would represent us on anything?

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ARRP | Cantwell & Hutchison Debate

On October 8, tune into a public debate for Washington State U.S. Senate seat with Maria Cantwell (D) and Susan Hutchison (R). Coordinated by the Washington State Debate Coalition, the event will be moderated by Mary Nam (KOMO 4) and Essex Porter (KIRO 7).

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Our revolution | Monthly Guide

Our Revolution endorsed candidates were successful across the country this month! From New York to Colorado, the political revolution has been relentless in showing that real progressive candidates are the future of the Democratic Party. We send especially warm congratulations to Ben Jealous, former Our Revolution Board Member, for winning the Democratic primary for Governor of Maryland.

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Changing The Electoral College

Trump didn’t win the election, he won the Electoral College. Before the next Presidential election, we should do something to fix that, which means we need to take action now.

The Presidential race in America is the only election where the person who gets the most votes on Election Day can end up losing the election. One out of every ten Presidents have been elected despite losing the popular vote. That’s simply undemocratic, so let’s fix it.

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The Democrats are no Longer the Party of Change

In 1988 at the Democratic Leadership Conference then Governor Bill Clinton proposed that the Democratic Party abandon its liberalism of the ’60’s and ’70’s and take a hard shift to the right to get in line with perceived middle class values and incidentally garner some of the corporate money pouring into the GOP’s coffers. When Clinton became president that shift occurred. Both Clintons opposed a single payer universal health plan but argued valiantly but unsuccessfully for an Obamacare precursor. Clinton embraced the radical Republican sponsored dismantling of welfare and the deregulation of the finance industry, which played a key roll in the 2007 collapse.

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Indivisible Highlights | April 2017

Wow. This resistance is all about persistence. We’re in the middle of the second congressional recess right now, and already 250,000 people have stood indivisible at 450 marches, town halls, constituent town halls, and other events across the nation. We’re celebrating with this nifty infographic telling the stories of indivisible groups from across the country.

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