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Our Revolution | Dec Newsletter

This year, everyday people turned out to vote progressive candidates into office. Grassroots campaigns across the country fearlessly took on the political establishment. Our Revolution’s endorsed candidates, many of whom were running for the first time, won up and down the ballot.

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Fighting Back | Marv Conan

I am repeatedly outraged to the point of numbness by our current president’s behavior; his racism, his misogyny, his attacks on the press and other institutions of democracy, his attacks on refugees and other immigrants, his attacks on the LGBT community, his obvious appreciation of authoritarian governments, his appeals to hatred of the other, his assault on truth, his refusal to take seriously and act on the findings of our intelligence agencies about Russia’s interference in our elections, etc. I could go on and on.

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Want to do voter registration and GOTV? Common Purpose!

I’m writing because I attended the Common Purpose kickoff in Seattle last Saturday. Attendance was over 150. The movement has two goals: to help people be politically active together (doing things beyond Indivisible calls to MoCs) and to foster a sense of community attachment among members. They have an impressive, diverse staff of over a dozen well-spoken people from age 16-60+ to help members get their work done.

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Popular Resistance | Feb 5th

This week, following the recent announcement of a new National Defense Strategy that focuses on conflicts with great powers and a new arms race, the Pentagon announced an escalation of nuclear weapons development. The United States’ military is spread across the world, including several dangerous conflict areas that could develop into an all-out war, possibly in conflict with China or Russia. This comes at a time when US empire is fading, something the Pentagon also recognizes and the US is falling behind China economically. -more-

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