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Trump Admits Guilt!

Donal Trump admitting he is open and willing to accept foreign interference. There should no longer be any question in your mind that he colluded with Russia. Just the way he shows deference to Putin should tell you that. It is obvious he owes Putin but so far he has been blocked from paying off […]

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Washington State Orcas

Seals eat the salmon. Orca whales eat seals. This last year over a dozen seals were found shot dead because they compete with fishermen for the salmon and the seal population is out of control. Recently our governor proposed a sizable enough amount of money to help save our local orca pod, an amount that […]

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Raid On Syria | Opinion

It bothers me when Congress says we must cut every program that helps Americans but increased military spending because we always have the money for missile attacks. Too many people are getting rich on the USA staying in a state of perpetual war. And Donald Trump addresses the nation and we are suppose to believe anything he says now?

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Holidays and Religion, A Personal Commentary

I was at a community holiday potluck yesterday. It’s the kind of events that come up every holiday, especially the ones claimed by religious sects. Someone thought it was a good idea to read from a religious text and even sing. I felt insulted. My being there was not my acceptance of their faith. A belief in Santa and reindeer is as valid as any other silly idea.

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Under Construction

This website is under construction. If you are seeing it now, you have the unique experience to watch how a website and a movement grows. In the coming weeks many of the concepts that I have planned for this site will come to be. The couple of videos on the homepage will be replaced with […]

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