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Hi Progressives,

In case you were unaware, this website is a one woman show. I went to Seattle Central College for three years to learn web design and web development on veteran benefits but ended up using all that to create this website.

See, back in 2016 our country took a major ride off a cliff and all good people had to come to the aid of their country. I am still working on that. I did what I know best, web design and development.

I wanted a website where a progressive could get what they need to know and filter out all the bullshit. No one is stopping you to look at other sources but I do not need to tell you of all the fake news out there. Its become a huge problem in this world of “alternative facts”.

Well anyways, there are costs involved of doing all this and I would like to do even more, but I live on a social security widow’s benefit. As you may have noticed there are no ads or commercials on this website either as I do not want it corrupted.

If you wanted to help keep this going, it would be appreciated. With the primaries coming up I purchased some lower end video equipment as I would like to make some videos of relevant local politics.

The bottom line is that at this level I can get by, but if you feel inclined, a few bucks to PayPal wouldn’t hurt either. The link is below.

Billie Marie

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