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After the 2016 election it was widely agreed that the mainstream media let us down. Donald Trump would post an insane tweet and the media would be dominated for days. The old saying that bad press is better than no press at all was proved out. Missing from all the mainstream media was a real lack of substance on the issues and the fact checking that we expect from them.

Mainstream Media is also owned by many of the same people and all are invested in the military industrial complex. It is one of the reasons why they always jump on the bandwagon for wars and display them in the most favorable ways. They were behind the invasion of Iraq and they loved the recent missile attacks on Syria and were overjoyed by the largest bomb ever made falling on Afghanistan.

Donald Trump appointed to his team Steve Bannon who is an expert on conspiracy theories and other misinformation. It is widely known how low information voters believed what they were told so having a propaganda minister has it’s expected benefits. Steve Bannon became well known for his time running Breitbart News, a far right propaganda website with a tabloid flare. Politico did a wonderful in depth story on him HERE and may explain why Donald Trumps campaign was so doom and gloom.




Democracy Now

Democracy Now does a daily news show that I watch every day. It is a great place to start. They follow up with individual stories on important topics.




Tom Hartmann

While Tom Hartmann along with Ed Shultz both also have shows on RT, I have never seen anything to suggest they are tainted in any way.



Senator Bernie Sanders | Our Revolution

Listening to Bernie Sanders can be an emotional experience. In this video he talks about the state of our country after the 2016 election. He speaks of the book he wrote about this last election. His book outlines what we must do to fight the good fight and we highly recommend it! Bernie was a primary motivator for Progressive Ways.



The Young Turks

This is the independent media outlet that brings many shows like Jimmy Dore and the Aggressive Progressives. I do not always agree with TYT but I like the added perspective.


Full Frontal with Samantha Bee

Political news can so often be so depressing and thankfully comedians come along and do in depth reporting while still keeping it funny.


Late Night with Seth Meyers

This is a late night host and comedian that researches and reports the news being sure to point out the ironic and ridiculous positions politicians often take to serve their best interests over the people. This makes the news fun while we can think to ourselves how we are all going to die. Most of Seth’s “A Closer Look” segments are on YouTube and are must see TV.


The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Steven Colbert took over the Tonight Show and is a seasoned veteran of taking the current news, explaining in in a way for real people that is both informative and funny.


Last Week Tonight | John Oliver

John Oliver does a weekly show on HBO and from the beginning it was apparent that each week he was going to take the main issue of that week and explained it in a way that was amazing. He is incredibly funny but at the same time extremely informative.

While technically a comedian, John Oliver has produced many informative pieces like this