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Bernie Sanders saw amazing support during the primaries and it is no wonder when you look at his platform. Here at Progressive Ways we feel the majority of Bernie’s platform rang true to most Americans. So if our platform looks similar to Bernie’s, it is no coincidence.

Progressive Way’s Platform

1) Big Money Buying Politics

We feel big money has corrupted our political system. Unlimited money from billionaires can buy a candidate that will support their objectives. If it sounds like I am saying that politicians are corrupt, it is a valid assumption when there is no accountability. At least in the old system we knew who was supporting who and we could use our power of reason when the politician repaid their donor. A system of unaccountable money is corrupt in its very nature.

When a politician does something that benefits one person or corporation, or a President Elect starts appointing large donors to their campaign to high level positions they know nothing about, you have to see the danger that is inherent in this system. There are many ways to fix this and Progressive Ways is open minded and wants to hear politicians address this.

We need to ensure that the people’s concerns are paramount before big money. We need a government of the people and a corporation is not a person. The very idea of a corporation is protection from the people in every legal sense.

We need campaign finance reform from the ground up. All forms of corruption, visible and invisible, must be removed from the system.

2) Environmental Safety

We depend of our country’s government to provide safeguards for the air we breath and the water we drink. We expect them to be vigilant in this concern despite who may have contributed to a politician’s campaign. Air and water safety can not be compromised for the benefit of industry. It is why we support clean technologies including clean energy.

It is no secret that water was compromised in Flint Michigan because of bad decisions based on money and the community that would be effected. It is also a concern that an oil pipeline was routed to a reservation in Standing Rock as that was considered a “safer place” to route it. Public safety is for all people and the bottom line is not the only consideration when the environment is concerned.

Federal agencies like the EPA and the FDA are of vital concern and a politician that does not take them seriously should not be taken serious.

3) Climate Change

This issue is hand in hand with environmental safety. Climate Change is not a debatable issue and the science is already there. The rest of the world looks at the USA like they are insane to debate this issue because it is proven science. Climate change is real.

There are big money interests against climate change. Just like the tobacco industry of yesteryear who published false science, climate change has seen the same thing. Taking steps to produce less emissions costs money. Moving away from fossil fuels goes against huge money concerns including big oil.

While it is not possible to move away from some fossil fuels at this time, the steps must be made that heads us in that direction. And as far as coal is concern, clean coal is a myth, there is no such thing as clean coal. Ask China if you don’t believe me as their cities are choking and they are now the biggest supporter of clean energy. Fossil fuels effect your health and well being.

4) Universal Healthcare

The USA has the worst healthcare system in the entire world and I will tell you why. Because it is based entirely on profit the citizens of this country pay more for their healthcare than any other country. We pay the highest drug prices because of inherent greed in the entire healthcare system. And if you are unfortunate enough to not have healthcare, you die, simple as that.

At the same time there are incredibly rich individuals that would like to see all the safety nets destroyed. And why is that, because it’s expensive by design and a cost to business. Of course it does not effect them because they can afford to get sick but others getting sick costs them. And many of the people involved in healthcare and profit by the system do not want to see their bottom line effected.

This is why we saw a system with the Affordable Care Act that still kept in place insurance companies and others who take profit without actually helping people. That maintained huge profits at the people expense. The ACA was better than nothing but not much better. Unfortunately nothing has been suggested to actually help the situation for the people in this country.

Today it can be financially crippling to become sick even if you have insurance. That shared hospital room will cost you more than a suite at a five star hotel and the prices for everything will be overblown by huge proportions. This is why we have the worst healthcare system in the world.

Progressive Ways keeps an open mind of real suggestions by candidates. Unfortunately all we been hearing is that they will replace it with something great but no details. Even more frightening is to repeal the ACA with no replacement at all for the 30 million people who will suddenly be on their own.

5) Economic Justice

For the last few decades the gap between the low and middle class and the very rich has been growing at alarming rates. A gross example are the compensation packages of CEOs and top executives that are higher in the USA than any other country. The top .1 percent of this country own more than 80% of the entire rest of the country. People think the economy has been flat and they have not seen much benefit the last decade but in reality the country has been enjoying massive growth but it has all flowed to the very rich.

Donald Trump campaigned on this very issue telling people how bad they have it while he is a billionaire who has done just fine. And Donald Trump’s goals are the exact opposite of what he was selling and everything he proposes will benefit the rich and increase the wealth gap even more. Decades of trickle down economics since Ronald Reagan has had devastating effect on everyone but the very rich.

This growing income gap has got to end and all people in this country have to share the economic boom. Instead of cutting taxes for the rich while everyone else bleeds, the rich have to share their massive gains by paying into the system that allowed them to amass huge fortunes. This is not socialism, this is a fair distribution of the gains created by the workers.

This income gap effects every fiber of our society and it is a sad day when we accept growing tent cities as the normal way of life as we descend into being a third world country. And free trade took poor countries out of poverty while we descended into poverty, for the benefit of the rich.

6) Criminal Justice

When 70% of the population in prisons are minorities you have a systemic problem. The use of privatized prisons where it is their best interests people stay in prison is a serious issue. The system is corrupt when the prison system is privatized and helping your rich industry friends by putting more people in prison is the political climate.

The “Law and Order” candidate is not the same as the legal justice candidate, that distinction needs to be visible. The USA jails more people than any other country on the planet. Before we label other countries as authoritarian we need to take a good long look in the mirror.

Most of the world looks at us with horror because of how flagrantly unjust we are. And I will not even go into how we run a prison in Cuba so we can break our own constitutional protections of the law of this land by a technicality.

The US prison system is a place we stick the poor as most wealthy criminals escape justice entirely. Wall street crashed our entire economy and wiped out the savings of millions and no one was ever held accountable by either political party. But the wall street executives walked away with millions of dollars while everyone else lost their investments. If that is not criminal I need a new definition of what is criminal.

7) Political Fraud

Free speech is a wonderful thing and all people should have that right except politicians. Politicians are not just freely speaking their views, they are applying for a high paid job of the people. Then if they are elected they are reporting to the people. There is no room for lies, they have to represent and do their jobs with complete honesty. This is not expecting too much as any ordinary person has to live under these rules or be fired.

I could never understand why we accept lying politicians. They can make up complete fabrications that totally ignore actual facts. And they can get elected by these fabrications and lies with no plan to deliver on what the said. We elect someone based on what they say they will do and we pay them well and give them pensions and benefits for the rest of their life. There should be some accountability that there is for everyone else who works in this society. Lies and fraud should get a person fired.

One of the most blatant example of this was Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ) who made a completely false statement on abortions and then walked it back by saying it was never meant to be a factual statement. In other words he said he knowingly lied. We citizens deserve better than this and we should have the right to fire a liar, and with no benefits.

With big business owning most of the mainstream media, we can no longer rely on them to fact check politicians. The election of Donald Trump makes that loud and clear.

This is a work in progress

More to follow